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Wildlife Feed

If you want to transform your garden into a hotbed of wild activity, we have a few top tips which will successfully encourage wildlife into your back garden. The garden is one of the most important areas for wild inhabitants, providing much-needed shelter, food and water – to learn exactly what wildlife feed and shelter you should provide to attract different types of animals be sure to read on.

How to Encourage Birds into Your Garden

If you set out to encourage wild birds into your garden you will naturally attract other forms of wildlife, especially squirrels who love to raid the bird table. In fact, if your sole purpose is to feed the birds you’ll want to invest in a squirrel proof bird feeder otherwise they will eat everything you put out for your birds. Trust us, they are gannets!

One tip for attracting lots of different birds is to place a bird feeder, bird table or a bird bath in your garden. By having a regular source of wildlife feed and fresh water you will quickly encourage wildlife into your garden – along with lots of other creatures. At Bird Feeders 4 Less we have a wide selection of different bird feeds which will appeal to lots of other wildlife.

How to Live With Squirrels

In most cases, if you place wildlife feed out for the birds then the grey squirrel will quickly follow, hot in pursuit of an easy meal. The trouble arises when the squirrels eat every morsel, leaving the poor birds with nothing. While you can invest in squirrel proof bird feeders, another good tip is to invest in a squirrel feeder – creating a separate place for them to eat from.

How to Encourage Hedgehogs into Your Garden

Hedgehogs are lovely creatures and while you can tempt them into your garden with a selection of tasty wildlife feeds, which consists of dog food (not fish), minced meat, fresh liver or anyone of the selection of hedgehog feeds which are available.

Aside from wildlife feed, you need to consider the habitat of your garden. To attract hedgehogs you can pile logs in the corner of a garden and let it get overgrown, or you can invest in a pre-made hedgehog home. Plus, if you have a pond (a great investment for any wildlife enthusiast) you may want to place a few bricks or stones by the side, to allows hedgehogs to climb out of the pond should they fall in.

How to Catch Sight of a Wild Badger

Typically, you will inherit badgers with a house rather than encourage them into your garden. However they tend to like gardens with hedges or woodland at the back, providing them with easy access out of the garden and the opportunity to roam. If you want to catch a glimpse of these elusive creatures try putting out peanuts or a special mix of wildlife feed which is specifically made for badgers.

How to Encourage Foxes

Foxes are incredibly adaptable, which is why they live in many different environment, from urban towns to country farms – they will live anywhere with food; which brings us onto our next topic. Foxes don’t require specialist wildlife feed, and in fact will eat anything from boiled potatoes to cheese and raw chicken. Be careful not to put too much food out, as you don’t want to become the main food supply for foxes, as they may not move far away if all the food they need is in one easy place.

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