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A Guide to the Birds You Can Find in Your Garden

No matter where you live in the UK, you can be sure to find a diverse range of bird species. Wild and free, colourful and animated, birds such as blue tits, greenfinches and red-chested robins, can be attracted to your home garden with a feeder and quality food that we supply at BirdFeeders4Less.

There are many British birds that love to rummage on the ground and/or partake in a mix of sunflower seeds, lard and peanuts high above on a bird table. If you are looking to bring more birds into your surroundings, you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t take much to create a nature-friendly aviary. So, what types of birds can you expect to see?

Types of British Birds

Of all birds in Britain, starlings, blackbirds, house sparrows and robins are the most common. They make the most of bird feeders, and can be found in gardens and lawn areas at most times throughout the year. Depending on where you are in the country, you might also spot lively flocks of blue and great tits, and collared doves.

One side-effect of bird feeders and tables is food spillage but it never goes to waste. Falling to the ground and making somewhat of a mess, it can soon be ‘cleaned up’ by small gatherings of chaffinches and song thrushes. Even dunnocks prefer to eat their meals in this manner. Scratching about in the soil to feed on seeds, worms and insects, dunnocks like to feed and congregate in areas close to bushes and low-growing plants, so they can quickly dive out of sight when necessary.

Field thrushes are a seasonal bird that only visits during the winter months. As the temperature begins to cool in Autumn, try adding a mix of fruit and berries to supplement existing food in your bird feeder. Blackbirds, robins and the mistle thrush also like to dine on this nutritious fare, and will add a sense of life and songful choruses to your outdoor environment.

Bird Feeders and more…

If you would like to cater for the birds in your garden, be sure to contact us at BirdFeeders4Less. We are in the business of feeding birds and can provide you with everything you need. From suet, seed mixes and worms, our selection of food products will quickly satisfy the feathered friends in your neighbourhood, so shop online at our store today.


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