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Bird Feeders

Jays, Kestrels, Kingfishers, House Sparrows and Blue Tits, the world of bird watching is waiting for you with the extensive range of Bird Feeding Stations available from Bird Feeders 4 Less today! Not only do they add a quaint and homely aesthetic to your garden design, they of course delight by attracting the colourful zeal of local wildlife!

Our bird feeding stations and poles are the perfect substitute to a Bird Tables, often allowing you to get up close and watch as the birds cling to the robust and sturdy containers, feeding until their heart's content! With squirrel proof bird feeders, ground feeders, peanut feeders and many other options available, you will quickly find that however you wish to adorn your garden and whoever you wish to attract; we have a great looking and long-lasting solution for you.

As the supplier of a comprehensive range of bird feeding paraphernalia, here at Bird Feeders 4 Less, we’re dedicated to unbeatable quality, great prices and a happy home for your back garden birds! With this in mind you can choose from a wide choice of seed feeders, peanut feeders, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, ground feeders and bird feeding stations which will quickly become a hotbed for the local wildlife.

Types of Bird Feeders Available

Our seed feeders are perfect if you primarily want to attract smaller birds which generally prefer seed and grain. This typically includes birds such as sparrows, finches and thrushes, however during the colder months it will act as a primary food source for many other species of birds. The seed feeders we have in stock are suitable for small or large gardens, as they can be hung from nearby trees, poles or Bird Feeding Stations.

The type of food you plan on feeding the new inhabitants of your garden will ultimately determine the type of feeder you opt for. For instance, the peanut feeder is designed specifically to hold peanuts and because these are also an irresistible treat for squirrels, most of these are squirrel proof; which brings us onto one of our more popular feeders – the Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders. We have an extensive range of squirrel proof bird feeders and these have been specifically designed to prevent those pesky squirrels from stealing all the food away from your lovely birds.

We also have a lovely range of ground feeding trays and bird feeding stations which are more than a decorative addition to the garden. The ground feeding trays are perfect for birds which like to feed on the ground, and because they have a mesh top the water will drain away to prevent the bird food from developing mould. The bird feeding stations are a great addition to any garden, as they are a decorative feature which will draw in the natural wildlife.

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